My new regime

I spent years on a low-FODMAP diet before I discovered there may be a chance to actually heal my gut.

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My new regime

'The low-FODMAP diet is NOT a FOREVER diet!' This was the title of a blog post that turned up in my inbox from Kate Scarlata, an IBS and FODMAP expert. Until that point, I hadn’t really considered how long I’d been on the diet – a few years, eek! – and had kinda accepted the fact that it was part of my daily life.

Then I read the post, and this point really stuck out:

‘If you failed ALL challenges despite being guided by a FODMAP knowledgeable dietician, consider the possibility of an  overlapping issue such as: small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, dumping syndrome, food chemical intolerance (histamine, salicylate), or gluten sensitivity, to name a few.’

It was the same week I went to a farewell party and met a nutritional therapist, and we naturally got talking about food (and digestive issues). Talk about timing. I mentioned I had used the low-FODMAP diet to manage my symptoms, but she asked me what I was doing to really heal my gut. I drew a blank; I had no idea. After trying so many different diets and treatments, I’d basically let go of the fact that I could heal it.

So finally I got the right stool test I needed to check if there was an overlapping issue. And yes, there was. Mainly the inability to properly digest (a lack of natural digestive enzymes), bacterial imbalance and a pH that was too acidic. I called up the nutritional therapist and we’re now working on the healing process.

I’m also training to be a yoga teacher over the next wee while, so that – and my focus on healing – will mean fewer recipes, but I’ll do my best! I’ll also post links to yummy low-FODMAP recipes I find, as I’m still working with the basic guidelines of the diet for now.

If you’re in a similar situation to me then I urge you to read Kate’s post. It might just change your life.

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